Episode 103 – Deadlock Protocol Thoughts and What do we expect from TennoCon?

Another quiet week means another week closer to TennoCon. But I guess it wasn’t that quiet, given Deadlock Protocol finally hit consoles this week! Yay! As a result, we give you a double discussion this week, looking at Deadlock Protocol and detailing our expectations for TennoCon 2020. Looking for the Weathercast, or our Beginner and Read More

Operation: Scarlet Spear live on PC, coming soon to console

It’s been a long time coming, but The New War is finally starting. Operation: Scarlet Spear continues what was started with the Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima, and will act as a lead-in to the full Sentient offensive. If that means nothing to you, just know this – there’s a new limited availability game Read More

Episode 85 – Devstream 139

There was another Devstream this week, and – unlike previous Devstreams – this one wasn’t just about some upcoming new content coming to Warframe… Nope – this one was actually about fixing some of the stuff that needed to be addressed! Everyone was kind of blindsided by this one – I don’t think anybody really Read More

Episode 66 – Devstream 132 & Melee Phase 2

There wasn’t much news this past week… but there was a Devstream. And DAMN. What a Devstream it was! In fact, the Devstream itself and the notes for Melee Phase 2 that came along with it make this a massive episode of damned exciting news. In fact, there’s an update due out next week on Read More

Episode 51 – TennoCon 2019 Special

Oh boy. It’s that time of year again. If you’re a lucky Tenno – that is, if you live in or near Canada – then it’s likely you made the pilgrimage to TennoCon, Warframe’s Annual Fan Conference. Or, alternatively, if you had (or had the forethought to save) the cash, you may have taken the Read More