Decorating your Orbiter without using Platinum

We Tenno spend a lot of time on the enemy front, but it is nice to come back to your own place. When you first set out, your options may be limited and it may be a while before you have the Platinum available that you’ll want to spend on ship decorations. For the Tenno on a budget, though, there a lot of farmable Ship Cosmetics available.

Colour Pickers

Starting with probably the most versatile of the options are the Colour Pickers. The Colour Pickers used for your Warframes and other gear are the same used to color your Landing Craft and the inside of your Orbiter. Most Color Pickers are purchased for 75 Platinum, but here are few that don’t require any.

Starting with two that can be purchased form Baro Ki’Teer:


  • 220 Ducats
  • 220,000 Credits


  • 150 Ducats
  • 300,000 Credits

Holiday: The following can be bought from the Market during Holiday events for 1 Credit each:


Along the lines of the Color Picker, the Holiday Events may also bring Interior Themes to decorate your Cockpit. With the recent updates, you may now put them up all year round if you choose (see featured image at top of page).

As a side note, though they do cost Platinum, there are two Colour Bundles allowing you to pick up a few with a bulk discount.

Alpha Bundle (Classic, Classic Saturated, Storm, Fire, and Ice - 281 Platinum, you save 94 Platinum)
Beta Bundle (Grineer, Infested, Smoke - 169 Platinum, you save 56 Platinum)


Though they cost Platinum on their own, if you tune into Livestreams from DE or during Promotion Events with Warframe Partners you may be able to pick up Glyph Displays to put up. These allow you to pick from any Glyph you have access to and place them as if they were a poster.

Similarly, you can pick up Artwork including Codex Images and select Fan Art from the Streams as well.

Baro Ki’Teer also has some fine art for sale.

  • Argyle – 100 Ducats and 75,000 Credits
  • Ki’Teer Stencil – 250 Ducats and 175,000 Credits
  • Prisma Companion Poster (right) – 90 Ducats and 110,000 Credits

If you are up for a pretty big challenge and spend a continuous hour in The Index, you may be able to meet John Prodman. If you can beat the “Employee of the Month” you’ll be rewarded with an autographed poster to hang up.

And if you’ve spent some time fishing, Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus and The Business in Fortuna will sell you Trophy Mount Blueprints so you may hang your favorite fish, or boot, on the wall.


The addition of Fortuna brought farmable Floofs for the Orbiter. These are plushies of the various animal breeds that can be captured in Orb Vallis and the Plains of Eidolon. Upon successful Conservation Hunting, you will be rewarded with Species Specific Tags, which you may then trade in (in bundles of 5) to Master Teasonai in Cetus or The Business in Fortuna for the Floofs. There are also Tusk Thumper Floofs available in Cetus from Nakak in exchange for some resources.

Landing craft skins

Though it’s for the outside of your Landing Craft, Baro Ki’Teer does offer some skins if they suit your taste.

  • Liset Cydonia Skin – 400 Ducats and 300,000 Credits
  • Liset Prisma Skin (right)- 120 Ducats and 150,000 Credits
  • Mantis Prisma Skin – 230 Ducats and 375,000 Credits
  • Scimitar Cydonia Skin – 375 Ducats and 340,000 Credits
  • Scimitar Prisma Skin – 210 Ducats and 450,000 Credits
  • Xiphos Prisma Skin – 220 Ducats and 400,000 Credits


If you have the Standing with Cephalon Simaris, you may trade 50,000 of it in for the Ludoplex. This is an arcade machine that comes with the Frame Fighter mini-game. If you save up some extra standing you may also get Happy Zephyr and Wyrmium from Simaris as well. Also, when you collect all of the Frame Fighter Fragments from the various tilesets, you will be rewarded with the Frame Fighter Poster.


Like the colour palettes, most of these are only available for Platinum. Although occasionally you may be able to get one via a quest event or other drop. Baro Ki’Teer also has a couple for sale if you have some spare Ducats.

  • Baro Ki’Teer – 70 Ducats and 250,000 Credits.
  • Excalibur with Odonata – 90 Ducats and 200,000 Credits


Though they won’t wander around your Orbiter like your Kubrow or Kavat, there are a couple of pets you can adopt. Pay a visit to Master Teasonai in Cetus to trade materials for a Caged Kuaka or Caged Condroc.


Ayatans: If you have some spare Ayatan Sculptures sitting around, you are able to place these in your Orbiter. They can always be placed back in your Inventory to hand over to Maroo or for Trade.

Syndicate: Each of the Syndicates have a Medallion Sculpture available in exchange for standing. You’ll need to reach Rank 4 with your respective Syndicate to gain access. Unfortunately they are not tradeable, so if you want to collect all Six you’ll have to eventually switch sides.

Holidays: Certain Holidays will also bring limited time Sculptures that will available from the Market for Credits.

Nightwave: Nightwave Series 1 also brought the Saturn Six Ornament. Though not available at the moment, future series may bring their own, which will be available for the to-be-named Nightwave Credits.

Pedestal Prime: Also, if you have a few Credits to spare, you may pick up Pedestal Prime from Baro Ki’Teer for the low, low price of 1 Million Credits.

Rug: If you have Ducats to spare, you may buy the Tenno Kindred Rug for 225 Ducats and 100,000 Credits, also from Baro.

Kuria: If you like searching for scanables, hidden through the tilesets are little sculptures known as Kuria. If you are able to find all 56, you will be rewarded with a Kuria of your own. 

Once you have completed the Chains of Harrow questline, you may return to Palladino to purchase a particular item for 25 Ducats to add to your Collection. The Sands of Inaros and The Glast Gambit will also reward you with items you may put in your Orbiter.

These next couple are tied to aspects of the game you really won’t see until after you complete The War Within. If you want to avoid spoilers these next few items involve details you may not want to know about yet.


Articulas are larger statues, some of which may be purchased and others which can be farmed. When you unlock your Personal Quarters, it will come with a full-size Articula where you may display your favorite Loadout.

The other farmable ones are drops from Eidolons and the Orb Mothers. Each version has its own Articula, but once you collect the drop it’s yours to pose and place at will.


Unlocked with your Personal Quarters, the Somachord is a music player allowing you to pick tunes to play inside the room. Each Planet, Moon, etc., has 1-3 scannable fragments, much like the Cephalon Fragments. When scanned 4 times, that particular track will be unlocked in your Orbiter. Additionally, if you have Octavia you can play your Mandachord tracks on it.

There are quite a few options out there to help make your Orbiter home. Keep an eye out on your adventures or make a detour here and there and you’re sure to find some. And if you know of any that may have been missed, be sure to let us know.