Weapon 101 – Pyrana / Pyrana Prime

pyrana tips warframe

The Pyrana is a weapon of Tenno design – a full-auto shotgun sidearm made to chew through low tier enemies with high Slash Damage and Critical Chance. When the Pyrana and Pyrana Prime are modded properly, they can put out a massive number of pellets… and when it comes to shotguns, more pellets means more dead bad guys.

Being a full-auto shotgun, the Pyrana suffers from significant recoil and damage fall-off. This is normal for shotgun weapons, being most effective at close and short ranges. These drawbacks do not stop the Pyrana from being a great sidearm fit for many situations, and perfect for the cramped hallways and tight spaces so often employed in Warframe’s level design.

The Pyrana was introduced in Update 13.6, and its Prime variant was introduced with Limbo Prime access in June 2018. 

How to Acquire

The Pyrana is a Tenno lab weapon and as such the blueprint must be researched at a clan dojo, before clan members can replicate the blueprint. Please note that there is also a MR12 Mastery requirement for this weapon…

  • Credits
    Credits 20,000
  • Control Modules
    Control Modules 2
  • Salvage
    Salvage 800
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 200
  • Forma
    Forma 1

The Pyrana Prime is, as with all Primes, available via Relic farming in Void Fissure missions (provided you have the right Relics). Note, though that there is an MR13 lock for the Prime variant.

Stats by Variant

pyrana stats
pyrana prime stats

The Pyrana is no slouch, coming in with a high percentage of Slash Damage, and decent base Critical Chance. As a result, it clears mobs quickly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, the Pyrana Prime improves where the normal variant falls short, boasting higher CC, greater fall-off distance, higher magazine size, and a faster reload. It also has a slightly slower rate of fire, allowing more precise control of the weapon.

The Pyrana Prime also has a unique passive ability that will double its effectiveness for a short time. When you take down three enemies in quick succession with the Pyrana Prime, an ethereal copy of the weapon will appear in the player’s opposite hand, doubling the Pyrana Prime’s rate of fire and magazine size for several seconds. This essentially grants the player an “Akpyrana Prime” for a few fleeting, glorious seconds.

Crit or Status?

The Pyrana’s stat spread is heavily weighted towards Crit and dealing a large amount of burst Damage in a short amount of time. Building for multishot with a high Crit Chance on this weapon will be the most effective, along with a Damage type that best suits the enemy you’ll be facing. Higher Status Chance will help but is not something you should invest toward. For a little extra fun, throw an increased fire rate mod on your Pyrana, just to watch it perforate some unwary sap who didn’t bring his Armor to work that day.

The Pyrana is not the best sidearm for the required Mastery Rank, but has a very high fun and style factor. Like it’s namesake, a Pyrana will shred your opponents in the blink of an eye, and look good doing it. The Pyrana Prime doubles down on the fun of an automatic shotgun sidearm by adding a second gun if you proc its passive perk. Overall, the Pyrana and Pyrana Prime are fun, deadly, and with a bit of forma investment can be made incredibly powerful.

Weapon 101 – Kraken

kraken tips warframe

The Kraken. Once a name that would strike fear into the hearts of the manliest of sea-faring sea-farers, in Warframe, it strikes fear into the hearts of anyone that needs to use it. Just kidding.

Or am I?

The Kraken has become a bit of a meme among the Warframe community, given it is a weapon of questionable Damage-dealing capabilities. Given it’s very easily come by early on in the game, it’s a weapon that likely every player has used at some point. Truth be told, when I was new, I LOVED the Kraken… at first. Soon after, I learned that there were a multitude of secondary weapons that were much better… Still, let’s look at what’s on offer, shall we?

How to Acquire

The Kraken Blueprint is rewarded as a reward for the Mars → Phobos Junction, but if you do “accidentally” sell it, you can reacquire the Blueprint from the Market for 20,000 credits. The Resource requirements aren’t much of an issue – hopefully, you’ll even have the 2 neurodes required to build it by the time you come across the Blueprint…

  • Credits
    Credits 25,000
  • Neurodes
    Neurodes 2
  • Alloy Plate
    Alloy Plate 200
  • Salvage
    Salvage 750
  • Polymer Bundle
    Polymer Bundle 120

All of that said, you SHOULD hold onto it once you have mastered it, as the Kraken itself is a requirement for the building of the Kulstar, which is a much better weapon. At least it goes to good use eventually.


kraken stats

The Kraken is a burst-fire Pistol of Grineer origin, with a predominately Impact Damage focus across 49 total Damage. This isn’t too bad, given it fires two bullets in each burst, so it initially feels pretty powerful for low-rank players. However, apart from the decent amount of ammo you can hold in reserve, this is the end of the positives. It fires slow, and it reloads incredibly slow, which means you absolutely have to use mod slots that focus on improving these stats to make it even feel good to use. This greatly limits its viability at later stages of the game.

Crit or Status?

Part of me wants to say neither, but if you feel like you need to put your focus somewhere, it does have a much higher Status Chance at 13%. Still, this is painfully low, so you pretty much want to keep an eye out for a Riven that can cover off some of the other issues the weapon has…

The Kraken isn’t a terrible weapon – especially for new players – but it’s certainly not “good”. It takes some time to get used to the kick, but once you get the hang of it, you might even enjoy it. At least until Jupiter. Then you’ll probably want something that can deal a bit more Damage.

Weapon 101 – Sicarus / Sicarus Prime

sicarus tips

The Sicarus is a Tenno weapon, and the associated Prime was released way back in Update 11 alongside Ember Prime. The base variant handles well in many engagements, but the Prime is arguably one of the best Secondary weapons in the game to date.

A burst fire Secondary, the Sicarus fires 3 rounds at a time with a relatively high fire rate. This does affect weapon stability, as would be expected, which also means that care needs to be taken when using it, in order to reduce wasted ammunition.

How to Acquire

The Sicarus is easy to obtain! While it does have an MR3 requirement, it can be purchased outright from the market for 20,000 credits, meaning you don’t need to grind for resources and it doesn’t have to be built in the Foundry. 

The Sicarus Prime, however, has been vaulted and becomes available alongside Ember during her unvaulting. Note it does have quite a high Mastery requirement of MR14.

Stats by Variant

sicarus stats

The stats are pretty clear – the base Sicarus isn’t too bad for low-rank engagements, but the Sicarus Prime is a step above. Where the Sicarus has poor IPS balance, the Prime variant is much more effective. More than that, the Prime has a faster fire rate, higher base accuracy, and holds more in a magazine, making it a far more useful weapon in far more varied engagements.

Crit or Status?

For the base Sicarus, I’d probably go as far as suggesting you mod for straight Damage and ignore both Crit and Status. However, if you still have some mod slots available, build for Crit over Status, as it has the higher Chance. Sicarus Prime has a better Crit chance overall, but I’ve had the best luck with a hybrid build. You can really build for either – mix it up and see what works for you!

For my money, the base Sicarus is good for low-rank players, but not something you’ll hold on to for long. The Sicarus Prime, on the other hand, is one of my favourite Secondaries in the game. Would you necessarily find yourself replacing your 6-Forma Tigris Prime for this? Probably not, but you will know that when that weapon eventually runs out of ammo, you’ve got a solid backup waiting for the coach to give it some court time…