Weapon 101 – Gammacor / Synoid Gammacor

Forged by the Cephalons to aid in their quest for knowledge, the Gammacor and Synoid Gammacor are wrist-mounted lasers that are well suited for Corpus targets. Originally designed for mineral analysis, the weapon has a few quirks to adjust to when taken into battle. How to Acquire The Gammacor Blueprint can be picked up fairly Read More

Weapon 101 – Heliocor / Synoid Heliocor

Forged by the Cephalons, Heliocor and Synoid Heliocor are a hammer pair that feed data to your Codex as you smash enemies. Heliocor, a signature weapon from Cephalon Simaris, is a high Impact Damage dealer second only to Arca Titron. Its sister, Cephalon Suda’s Synoid Heliocor, isn’t as strong but adds a Specter generating effect. Read More