Episode 102 – The Steel Path & The Derelict in Veil Proxima

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Unlike recent weeks, there was a bit of news to cover this week, as well as an impromptu Home Devstream that provided some details on the forthcoming “Steel Path” addition to Warframe. As this was not a standard Devstream (it was mostly focused on one thing) we decided to cover the Steel Path as one of two discussion topics – the other being a playable derelict we recently found in the Veil Proxima…

They are both great discussions – we’d love to hear your thoughts.


  • News: new lore video from My Name is Byf, Deadlock Protocol coming soon to consoles, with a bunch of TennoGen
  • Discussion: The Steel Path & The Derelict in the Veil Proxima
  • Beginner Topic: Essential mods for beginners
  • Advanced Topic: Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp

Episode Notes:

My Name is Byf has released another Lore video – this time on Parvos Granum. Give it a look see!

New colourblind modes added to PC 

Deadlock Protocol in Cert for consoles, releasing June 30th! 

Adding an option to reduce VFX in groups so that other players abilities don’t fill up your screen

The Steel Path is coming… 

FIVE new TennoGen bundles coming to consoles alongside the Deadlock Protocol update!

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