Episode 111 – Home Devstream #5 & Heart of Deimos

From quiet weeks to DOUBLE DISCUSSIONS! Yes, this week, not only are we covering the new Heart of Deimos release, but there was also a Home Devstream! While it was a shorted Devstream, there was still plenty of good info to cover, so we talked about both… And we certainly do have a lot to say – Heart of Deimos is a great update.


  • News: Heart of Deimos is out, TennoGen Prex cards from watching Twitch
  • Discussion 1: Home Devstream #5
  • Discussion 2: Heart of Deimos impressions
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of double discussion

Episode Notes:

Heart of Deimos is out on all platforms! 

Switch was a little delayed…

Now that Heart of Deimos is out and all the creators are streaming, there are a bunch of TennoGen Prex cards to collect! Watch any streamer in the Warframe channel for 20 consecutive minutes for your random drop! 

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Episode 107 – TennoCon 2020

Another year, another TennoCon! This year was a little different, with the team stuck in lockdown at home, it’s not so easy to develop a large-scale video game like Warframe. Nor is it easy to put on a fan conference. But I’d have to say, with TennoCon 2020, Digital Extremes has smashed it out of the park. 

Listen to hear our thoughts on all of the awesome things discussed in the Art Panel and TennoLive – there’s a lot to be excited about, and it’s coming very soon.


  • News: Steel Path out on consoles, Twitch Prime promo, free Syandana for console players, new stuff in the Warframe store
  • Discussion: TennoCon 2020
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of lengthy discussion

For more coverage, check out the following:

Episode Notes:

Steel Path is now live on all consoles! 

Free syandana for console players if you add your email address to your account in game


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TennoLive 2020: All the announcements

In case you missed the news, TennoCon, Warframe’s annual fan convention, is done and dusted for 2020! There was a bunch of demos on show this year, and what’s better? All of it is due to be released in just a few short weeks on August 25th.

While we have already published a large overview of the new open-world component of Heart of Deimos (so go give that a read for all the info!), the update actually contains a hell of a lot of new content, which was all covered off in the TennoLive event this morning. Best we summarise it all for you!

New Helminth Room & Ability Customisation

Yes, we covered this on the Heart of Deimos overview article, but it’s such massive news for Warframe that it just has to be repeated (in some ways, this might actually be THE biggest announcement made during the whole event)!

The Helminth room in the player’s orbiter will be evolving, and it will evolve in such a way that it will need to be fed. But this isn’t a one-way interaction – the Helminth Chrysalis, as it is to be known, will return favour by bestowing players with the capability to change warframe Abilities. There will be a few set new Abilities on offer from the Chrysalis itself, but even more surprisingly, feeding it a non-Prime warframe will provide the player with one curated Ability from that warframe that can then be injected into a separate warframe (and thus overwriting one of the chosen warframe’s Abilities)!

This is a very cool feature that can be removed (should you not like the Ability you chose) and can only be performed once per warframe – although we assume that removing the injected Ability will allow players to re-inject with a new one.

The possibilities are endless.

New Infested Enemies

Not conent with simply adding a whole new open-world in which to explore, Digital Extremes is also adding a whole cadre of new enemies – from the large to the small! Some of these will simply just need to be shot enough times to be taken out, while others will have some simple mechanics that need to be overcome in rder to beat them down. And there are a hell of a lot of them – including a floating pod that can drop beasties from the sky!

And, of course, your old favourites are here in their droves as well…

Rideable Velocipods and K-Drive Improvements

Not a joke! Given this is a new open-world, of course there are critters abound to be conserved and forever immortalised as Floofs (in-game plushies), but these Velocipods have the added bonus of… being rideable! Yes, now you can jump on the back of a giant dragonfly and flitter about the environment.

In addition, players can now use their Secondary weapon while on the back of these critters – AND on the back of their K-Drives! As something players have been clamouring for, this is a welcome addition that looks like a bunch of fun.

Oh, and while we are on the subject of critters… There are flying fish on Deimos. I expect we will need to catch them somehow.

New Player Experience

Teased at last year’s TennoCon with a cinematic introduction, the beginning of the game will be receiving a massive makeover as part of Heart of Deimos. While this will include the new cinematics, it will also include new starter weapons, a polished new quest, and better tutorials to get players more acquainted with the game. Long overdue, we’re looking forward to this one – it looks gorgeous.

And yes, more experienced players will be able to play the quest through as well, so nobody will be missing out.

New Warframe: Xaku

Earlier this year, DE put a callout to the community to help design a new warframe. The result is Xaku, the broken warframe who was rebuilt from broken warframe relics in the Void.

As such, his Abilities are based on both being broken and the Void itself – he can self destruct, causing his parts to fly off in all directions, causing damage to nearby enemies; he can also disarm enemies and use their own weapons against them; as well as a number of other Void and CC-focused Abilities. 

He sounds like a whole lot of fun.

Hydroid Prime Trailer

Hydroid Prime was released in August 2017. and it has been a running joke among the Warframe community since that the Hydroid Prime trailer was promised and never released. Well… Here it is. Stop complaining, Tenno!


To celebrate the release of the game, DE as commissioned a poster, designed by poster designer Matt Ferguson (check out his portfolio – wow). This is a time-limited lithograph measuring 24×36 inches, which can be pre-ordered from the Warframe Store before September 1st.

Preorder here.

Watch it all for yourself!

There was a hell of a lot more shown off at TennoCon this year – Zephyr Deluxe skin by Liger Inazuka, a whole bunch of designs and concepts, the next couple of warframes to be release after Xaku, the fact that Deimos will also replace the current derelict system, TennoGen Prex cards coming during a Twitch promotion after release, and so on, but the above outlines all of the most important components of the Heart of Deimos update which will be shipping August 25, 2020.