Warframe 101 – Weapons

Over time, we plan to have a basic guide for all weapons, divided by weapon type. Take a look at the subcategories below to see if we’ve covered what you’re looking for – if not, leave a request at the bottom of the page and we’ll add it to the list as a priority!

Latest Weapon 101 Articles

ferrox warframe

Weapon 101 – Ferrox

The Ferrox is one of three spearguns in Warframe. Given its Corpus origin it has a blocky, cyber-tech design and utilizes Electric Damage for its alt-fire mechanic. As this is our first (alphabetically) introduction to the Speargun archetype, it is important to point out that Spearguns in Warframe have a unique secondary fire mode where Read More

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daiku tips warframe

Weapon 101 – Daikyu

When you’re looking for Stealth, Daikyu is a great option. This Tenno Longbow is one of the best Bows in the game. Easy to get your hands on once you have the Rank, Daikyu is very well rounded and can be modded to taste. How to Acquire Daikyu is a Clan Tech Weapon available from Read More

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fulmin tips warframe

Weapon 101 – Fulmin

Saying that making a dual-fire rifle good is like catching lightning in a bottle is less of a testament to the difficulty of making good weapons in Warframe and more of a blueprint for the Fulmin. Colloquially referred to as the “lightning gun”, it is one part Tenora and one part Arca Plasmor – quite Read More

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endura tips warframe

Weapon 101 – Endura

If style is your game, then add Endura to your list. This Rapier is top of its class and though a Prime version does not yet exist, it is still a worthwhile pursuit. How to Acquire Unless you pick it up from the Market Pre-Built for 175 Platinum, you’ll have to reach MR7 and head Read More

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Weapon 101 – Soaktron

If you want to gauge your ability to strike and evade, seeking out the Soaktron will put you to the test. Added to the game in August 2019 with the Dog Days Tactical Alert, the Soaktron is an event-specific weapon that will require you to give up all Abilities and equipment (including weapons and companions). Read More

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warframe tips kestrel

Weapon 101 – Kestrel

The Kestrel is a Tenno melee weapon of the Glaive family, but it’s not really a Glaive. It’s a boomerang. If you’ve ever seen the Mad Max movies, then you know how awesome metal boomerangs can be. The Kestrel, though, has the added bonus of bouncing off walls and knocking down enemies, so I personally Read More

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