Warframe 101 – Weapons

Over time, we plan to have a basic guide for all weapons, divided by weapon type. Take a look at the subcategories below to see if we’ve covered what you’re looking for – if not, leave a request at the bottom of the page and we’ll add it to the list as a priority!

Latest Weapon 101 Articles

warframe kronen tips

Weapon 101 – Kronen / Kronen Prime

The Kronen: a Tonfa pair that will slice through your enemies. Added in August of 2014 with Operation Cryotic Front, Kronen is a fan-designed weapon that was later followed by Kronen Prime in March 2018, alongside Zephyr Prime. How to Acquire Kronen’s Blueprint can be purchased for 65,000 credits from the Market after reaching MR3. It is a Read More

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Pangolin Sword tips warframe

Weapon 101 – Pangolin Sword

The Pangolin Sword, passed to us from our Tenno Ancestors, is a curved blade that slashes through your foes. It is not the strongest weapon you will add to your Arsenal, but it will serve you well in the early game. How to Acquire To wield the Pangolin Sword, you will have to farm for Read More

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battacor tips warframe

Weapon 101 – Battacor

The Battacor is a Corpus rifle that was designed using Sentient technology in the underground labs of the Orb Vallis. As such, it has a long, sleek appearance and uses energy projectiles. When using the Battacor, the player will notice three notches on the right of the firing reticle that turn from grey to white Read More

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Corinth warframe tips

Weapon 101 – Corinth

Corinth, the dual-purpose Tenno shotgun, has brought quite the punch to the battlefield since it’s addition in the December 2017 Ghoul Purge Update. Coming in with some of the highest base Damage in the game for Primaries, it is a versatile weapon, cycling between its pellet rounds or Alt-Fire grenades. Its base Stats also give Read More

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burston tips warframe

Weapon 101 – Burston / Burston Prime

The Burston is a burst-fire rifle of Tenno design. It fires three-round bursts in rapid succession to wear down a target and provide better precision than a full-auto rifle. The Burston will perform better at longer ranges due to its lower recoil, resulting in less time spent centering the reticle and more time relieving bad Read More

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