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Episode 51 – TennoCon 2019 Special

Oh boy. It’s that time of year again. If you’re a lucky Tenno – that is, if you live in or near Canada – then it’s likely you made the pilgrimage to TennoCon, Warframe’s Annual Fan Conference. Or, alternatively, if you had (or had the forethought to save) the cash, you may have taken the Read More

Digital Extremes reveals ‘The Duviri Paradox’, a new Open-World environment and story

On top of all the very cool stuff the Digital Extremes showed off today (and no, we aren’t finished yet), they capped off the show with something unexpected. Well… it was both expected and unexpected. The Duviri Paradox, as we later discovered it to be called, is the next open-world environment in development for Warframe, Read More

Nightwave Weeklies: Series 2, Week 1

Welcome back, Dreamers. The Nightwave weekly bounties change every Sunday at 12 midnight GMT (or Monday morning, if that’s your preference), so keep your eyes out every week after that time for our weekly update – letting you know the activities you’ll need to complete for the week (note this will not include daily challenges, Read More

Lore 10 – The Chimera Prologue (and more) & Baro Ki’Teer

SPOILERS! KEEP AWAY FROM SPOILERS! Welcome to our 10th Lorecast! DAMN. That went quick. This episode, we look to get up to speed with the main storyline, covering The Chimera Prologue, the Wolf of Saturn Six, and The Jovian Concord – and you may be as surprised as we were to find out all the Read More